Lost and Found

There are numerous ways in which you can increase the chances of finding your missing cat or identify the owners of a stray. Whether you are reporting your missing cat or you have found a cat, it will be helpful to provide as much information as possible from the list below. All of this information is very important. 

  • Sex, breed and age and name of cat
  • Colour (be specific with colouring especially with black and white cats
  • Whether long or short hair
  • Any distinguishing marks that are visually unique about the cat 
  • If neutered
  • If microchipped
  • Collar with details of colour
  • Date cat was lost or found
  • Area went missing from or found in
  • Any other significant information
  • Your contact number/email. (Please let us know if you want us to share this on our Facebook page and gallery)

Next take a look at the following pages as they will give you advice on what to do. 

Lost a Cat

Found a Cat

You can post the details directly on our Facebook page by clicking on this link: branch facebook page

Please include a picture if possible, as this will increase the chances of cats being reunited with their owners. (Scroll down the page to view our lost and found gallery)

What else should I do if I've lost / found a cat? 

If you've found a cat please have a look at this Found Cat Advice

If you've lost a cat please have a look at this Lost cat advice

CaYou cna also register your cat on this free website https://www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/ 


Good Luck in your search!