Treacle's Diary - before, during and looking for the happy ever after.


Hi everyone. Treacle here. You will be seeing quite a lot of me over the next couple of months because I’m going to tell you my story. My foster Mum says she’s going to put it on that social media thingy instead of doing something called a kitty advent calendar for Christmas. (Please do check out our Facebook page regularly - Cats Protection Trafford Branch - to see beautiful videos and images of Treacle and her litter of kittens. Please remember to scroll down for the latest update.)

My foster Mum says I’m clever (well all black cats are clever aren’t they ?). One of the reasons is that I’ve fooled the vet’n scary. Yeah that’s right! He told my foster Mum that my kittens were due over two weeks ago! To be fair I was HUGE. I’ve also managed to fool my foster Mum (she’s supposed to be a bit of an expert on these things apparently) into getting up around 4am and checking on me. I enjoyed this because sometimes she curled up on the bed and stayed with me. She’s done this for 10 days until yesterday…………. Wanna find out what happened? Come back later in the week to find out …paw prints could be a clue.

Treacle here. LOOK WHAT IVE GOT. What a day on Tuesday! I was feeling a bit odd and waited for my foster Mum to come and check on me in the middle of the night. I was very frightened and didn’t know what was happening or what to do. I should say I’m a bit odd according to my foster Mum - my room has every sort of blanket, towels, dens but I’ve only ever wanted to sleep on the bare floor so where else was I going to have my kittens??? On the floorboards of course. I was in a lot of pain I can tell you and my first 2 kittens were born while I was walking round the room. I didn’t know what to do with them so I just left them. I could tell my foster Mum was waiting for me to do something with them but I didn’t know what. In the end she did something she told me later was tying of the cord. Who knew? By then I’d had another kitten (on the bare floor of course ). By this time I thought I could sense a tiny bit of tension in the air but my foster Mum had two kittens down her nighty and was rubbing the third one in a blanket which could explain it. I was right because the next thing I was unceremoniously put in my birthing box. In the circumstances I thought the best course of action was to stay there. Turns out it was warm and soft and I had 2 more babies in there and I’d caught on about that cord thing and cleaning them up. My foster Mum gave me kitten 3 back but sent for reinforcements which arrived in the form of my Foster dad. The first two were transferred down his PJ top (one was a boy - Mum said she’d seen something) and went to make some coffee (I thought I heard her say something about needing a G&T but could have been mistaken). Foster Dad had warmed up his 2 kittens and gave me them back. By this time I had remembered what I was supposed to do so here I am in the video doing just that. I’m a happy, happy Mum. Turns out having 5 kittens is quite easy after all. More updates in a few days.

Hi everybody! Treacle here. Remember I love being on floorboards and had 3 of my kittens on the floor?? Well I’ve found another uncomfortable place to be comfortable. It’s on my Foster Mum’s account book. It’s got a very hard cover and lots and lots of paper on top with a big spiral down the middle (slight downside it’s on my foster Mum’s lap which is a bit on the wobbly side) A PURRFECT place to take a break from my kittens. More pics of them tomorrow when they will be a whole week old. Stay tuned.

Hi everybody. Treacle here! Am I glad it’s not a week ago!!!! Well here’s my babies. Exactly one week old today. Whatcha think? Pretty cute? Wow, they’ve grown too. My foster Mum says they’ve doubled their weight but they still can’t hear or see but around now their little ears will start to unfurl (who knew?) They can certainly wriggle and squeak I can tell you!! They sleep most of the day which gives me chance to go and lie on my favourite floorboards which is wonderful. More updates soon

Hi everybody. It’s Treacle again with a kitten update. The day started off in a slightly scary way because my foster Mum put on those blue latex gloves. The last time I saw them was when she was helping me when the kittens were born. Now they’re 10 days old my foster Mum reckons they’re old enough to be picked up (she was over excited about this) Turns out it was for two reasons. First to discover if there are any distinguishing features. She’s a bit disappointed because there is one tiny white blob under a kitty chin (bit like mine) and another one between a kitty’s back legs. That’s it! Also she wanted to find out what we’ve got. Apparently this is difficult especially if the kittens are all black (who knew??). Anyway my foster Mum reckons there’s one boy and three girls. The other one she THINKS is another little girl. Well here they are and guess what! Their eyes are open and a beautiful blue. Whatcha think? More updates soon.

Hi everybody. Treacle here. I have some news!! First I thought you might like to see one of my kittens in close up. Cute with those blue eyes don’t you think??? The news is I need help choosing names for them. At Trafford Branch they choose a theme so they can remember each litter more easily. Guess what. My theme is puddings. That’s cos I’m called Treacle (as in tart apparently - I’m learning so many things here). Anyway. Can you help me choose please??? Suggestions in the comments if you’d like to join in but my foster mum says you can’t have a pudding that starts with spotted something or other (I’ve forgotten the rest) Apparently that could be rude or something Who knew that???? Made foster dad laugh though!! Please help


Hi everybody. Treacle here. Wowsers. How lucky is meownself??? Thank you for all your kitty name suggestions. I’m quite overwhelmed. So much so, that here I am having a cuddle on my foster Mum’s knee and taking a break from kitten duties and trying to decide on names. It’s soooo difficult that I’m going to have to carry on deciding for a while. Is that ok?? What I can tell you is that I’m down to a shortlist of 52. Yeah that’s right! Apparently this should be a long list but after so many names you’ve given me I think it’s pretty short. I’ll get back to you soon everybody and thank you soo much

Introducing Crumble........

Hi everybody. Treacle here again. First, thank you for helping me out with all for your lovely name suggestions. Well, I say helping but you’ve made it a bit tricky. So much so that I just can’t leave anybody out. I think I’ve found a solution because my little boy kitten is going to be called Pudding which includes you all. The other kittens are Sticky, Crumble, Trifle (foster dad’s fave pud apparently) and Sixpence - not a pud but something that people used to put in their Christmas pudding. Did you know that?? Sounds a big dangerous for the teeth to me. Anyway. Here are all of my baby puddings. Now 18 days old. Cute yeah?? They are but starting to get a bit of a nuisance - all that suckling and wriggling around. My foster Mum says they can come out of the box soon (heavens - they’ll be all over the place). Hope you like the names. See you next week xxx

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