Our special Pippin - might he be yours too?

"Quirky, handsome, eight-year-old ginger boy Pippin is looking for his female "Mrs Right”.  No-one else, no other felines to dilute the attention, just a female companion that he can have all to himself! 

Whilst in the company of his fosterer Pippin feels very comfortable and contented.  He enjoys playing with fishing rod toys and his antics in his play tunnel are just delightful to watch – he’ll launch himself into the tunnel with the result that he and the tunnel go flying across the floor!   He’s comfortable lying on his fosterer’s lap or squashing in by her side, purring away like a motor and head-butting her hand for a small head rub, a tickle under his chin or a stroke.  He’ll often flop down on the floor and paddle the air with his paws.  And when he gets excited (definitely at feeding time) he actually squeaks!  As Pippin loves food and could easily over-eat if given the opportunity, we’ve turned feeding time into a game by using a feeding ball which he nudges around in order to access his biscuits – it slows his eating down and it keeps him entertained!  Pippin’s stubby tail (he had to have most of it amputated after getting it trapped in a door) somehow suits him and is very endearing. 

So, why is Pippin still waiting for his forever home?  Well he's naturally a nervous cat and can be jumpy, retreating quickly when unsure or feeling scared, especially around new people.  He was adopted earlier this year by a lovely couple, but sadly things didn’t work out and Pippin was very withdrawn.  It was decided that the best thing for them and for Pippin was for him to come back into our care.  Recently Pippin had a second chance and was reserved – unfortunately the homing didn’t go ahead.  Pippin’s just not very good at pulling all the stops out in front of new people.  However, we know what he’s capable of – he’s proven that to his fosterer.  He’s such a beautiful cat, and we’d love someone to see beyond his initial fear and nervousness.  In the right home and with the right person, Pippin will be a loving companion. 

Pippin’s looking for a single lady or a female-only household.  He’d like a confident companion who he can trust, feel safe and play with, and who will constantly remind him of how handsome he is.  It’s likely to take some time to bond with a new owner, so time, patience and understanding will be needed.  Previous experience of owning a nervous cat would be ideal.  He’ll be your feline companion and shadow, looking to you for confidence.  As in his first home he would appreciate spending some time outdoors as well as inside, coming and going through a cat-flap.  He would most definitely prefer being the only cat."


Thank you,


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