Please note that we have temporarily suspended all operations - we hope to be back up and running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you are looking for help with neutering, please visit the main Cats Protection website to find out more about the West Midlands Neutering Campaign, where qualifying owners can have their cat neutered and microchipped for £5 https://www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do/neutering/neutering-campaigns/west-mids-neutering

For general cat care help and advice, please visit the main Cats Protection webiste at https://www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice or call 01922 263602.

For details of other organisations who may be able to help, please visit https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-rescue-centres-uk-ireland

Welcome to Walsall Borough Cats Protection Home Page.

WALSALL BOROUGH CATS PROTECTION was formed in March of 2003 after spending 10 years operating as ALDRIDGE & BROWNHILLS BRANCH we were given the chance to expand and now we mainly take cats into care from these POST CODE Areas:
WS1, WS2, WS3, WS4, WS5, WS8, WS9, WS10 (Darlaston Only); B74 (Streetly Only)


Our rescued cats are kept in the 8 PENS and 1 SPARE ROOM at the moment.
To help rescue more cats we need more spaces to house them, and with more than 30 cats reported to us each week we have to prioritise what we take in. Pregnant and injured cats come first.

In some cases we will offer a compromise if you are willing to meet us half way. This will be discussed when you talk to our coordinator.

We have a small, happy band of volunteers who help by working to rescue and rehome  the stray and unwanted cats and kittens in our branch area. we are always on the look out for more to come along and help us with fund-raising and fostering.(Something for you to think about maybe)

We offer FREE NEUTERING to any cat owner in receipt of State Benefits living in Walsall.

For further information please phone  01922 682005

All of our income is generated by Fund-Raising. Essential if we are to be able to meet our average MONTHLY Running Costs and Veterinary bills of over £1000. This because we do a lot of Trap, Neuter & Return.  We will help in the best way we can with the control of Feral Cats. If you need our help call 01922 682005


THINK you could help as a Volunteer, then call 01922 682005 and have a chat.


If you would like to ADOPT one of our featured cats that we have in care then PLEASE call our coordinator on 01922 682005 after 6.00pm WEEKDAYS.

(e-mailing us slows down the process, so it is best to call our coordinator directly)

Our Coordinator as do many of our fosterers work during the day and sometimes cannot be contacted as quickly as you would want them to be. If you email us then you will be referred to the coordinator if your enquiry is about adoption.


If you are going on holiday please wait until you come back from your time away before you come and see us about adopting a cat/kitten. You need time to adjust to your new family member and they and you need to create a daily routine.


Our policy is that we will only place a reserve on kittens that are not of adoption age with the understanding that they are homed as soon as they reach adoption age.


We operate a "WAITING TO COME INTO CARE" list, and at the moment there are more cats waiting than we have pen space for. So please be patient and considerate when you are reporting a stray cat to us. If we can help immediately then we will, but we are not a 200 pen Shelter and cannot possibly take every reported cat into our care.

Please be expected to assist us in maintaining an out of rescue care for the cat you wish to report as a stray or unwanted. By meeting us half way then, when we can help the cat that causes concern for both you and us, we will help.


We also get phone calls and emails from people who have LOST or FOUND a cat.

We now have a LOST & FOUND page and we will attempt to update it regularily with any reported cats.




We are all volunteers and have to work some of the time so please be patient and try again if you dont get through first time. Thank You