What we do

At Wellingborough & Rushden branch we have many dedicated unpaid volunteers who give up their free time to ensure that all of our foster cats have the best possible care and the brightest future possible.
However, we are always looking for new volunteers as there is always something to do!

The main roles we undertake are:

Fostering: All the cats and kittens for rehoming are cared for by our dedicated fosterers, sometimes in their homes but often in high spec pens in their gardens. All of our cats are health checked, worm & flea treated, neutered from 4/5 months of age, vaccinated, blood tested where appropriate and prepared for rehoming.

Rehoming: We have a team of home visitors who carry out home visits prior to rehoming our cats as it is very important to match the right cat to the right owner.

Taking Cats In: Unfortunately we cannot take in every cat due to the restraints on space, however we do keep a list of unwanted stray and needy cats that are looking for new homes and these will be taken into care as soon as there is a space available.

Neutering: Wherever possible the cats who come into our care are always neutered before being rehomed. Where neutering is not possible before adoption i.e. kittens who are still too young, it is a condition of adoption that you undertake to have it done as soon as it is possible. We may be able to assist people financially with neutering if they are on state benefits and struggling to meet the cost, these will be considered on an individual basis.

Feral (wild) Cats: Feral cats are wild cats that live outside on places like farms / industrial estates etc. These cats have been born outside and grown up in the wild so therefore cannot be tamed to be domestic cats and they will breed very frequently indeed if not controlled. So what Cats Protection does is what we call "Trap, Neuter, Return" (TNR). This simple process involves trapping the cats humanely, taking them to a local vet to be neutered and then returning them back to where they came from. This not only helps to control the number of wild cats but gives those out there a better quality of life.

Education: We strive to ensure that the public has as much information as possible about the care and welfare of their cats, and (volunteers permitting) we are always happy to come along and give talks to schools / local groups etc about the work we do. Please give us a call if you would like a talk.

Fundraising:  In order to support the costs of cat food, litter, huge veterinary bills etc we have to regularly raise funds. If you would like to help out at an event or become part of our fund raising team please call us on 0345 371 4209 or e-mail wellrushcats@hotmail.com.

We give our time freely and willingly to help as many cats & kittens as we can. Unfortunately due to our personal commitments we are unable to provide a 24 hour or emergency call out service but please contact us if you have a problem - we will always help if we can.

Cats Protection will NEVER put a healthy cat to sleep.

For more information about homing one of our lovely cats please see the Adopt a Cat section.
Even if you cant see what your looking for doesnt mean we havn't got it, it maybe that it's not quite ready to go on the web yet...always contact us.