Lost & Found local register

Lost and Found Pets

If you have lost your pet :


Cats are very curious and can sleep in the most unusual places, so thoroughly check all the rooms in the house including wardrobes, boxes and any cubby holes. When checking outside be sure to look in hedgerows, sheds, garages and vehicles.


Notify as many people as possible about the missing cat, ask neighbours to check all outbuildings, speak to local vet practices and rescue centres.


There are several ways of letting people know your feline friend is missing; distributing posters in the local area, contacting local radio stations and newspapers and making use of local notice boards.

The sooner you report your cat missing the better chance you have of him being found.

Cats Protection recommends that cats are microchipped; this is harmless and permanent and helps to reunite many lost pets.

We also recommend that all cats are neutered to help prevent wandering plus providing many other health benefits for your cat.

Found a cat?

Take the cat to the vet who can scan it for the microchip. There may be a grieving family searching for their cat. The microchip can help reunite the family!

If the cat has no microchip and local vets have no record of the cat being lost, please contact us to check if we have any related information:

coordinator@weymouth.cats.org.uk or telephone 01305 262737