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Volunteering for Cats Protection

07 July 2015

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity and is able to directly help around 200,000 cats each year. We are only able to achieve this thanks to our network of over 9,000 volunteers who give their valuable time, skills and expertise for cats in need. Like any volunteer-involving organisation, we engage with volunteers in a variety of ways within the local community and across the UK. The vast majority of people interested in getting ...

Cats and TB - Media statement from Cats Protection

16 April 2014

Following news today of two people developing tuberculosis (TB) after contact with a cat infected with ‘Mycobacterium bovis’ (M. bovis), UK charity Cats Protection is keen to reassure people that the risk of contracting the disease from their pet is minimal. Information from Public Health England states that M. bovis is still uncommon in cats and the risk to public is “very low.” Many cats which have Mycobacterial infections have spontaneously-resolving ...