What we do

Cats are our business at Woking Cats Protection.
Every year we help more than 500
cats in a variety of ways.

We do lots of routine things including:

When you contact us to enquire about adopting a cat, you will first speak with our Homing Volunteers, who will take some details from you.

Re-homing cats
People need us to help them find a new home for their cat for lots of different and often heartbreaking reasons. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small, wholly volunteer run branch of Cats Protection with a limited number of foster places and we are continuing to receive a high volume of requests from cat owners and/or their relatives for rehoming help. Due to the length of our waiting list we strongly recommended you contact some other reputable rescues to seek help too.

The day of adoption
Once you have decided which cat you would like to adopt, the fosterer will arrange a mutually convenient time for us to bring the cat to its new home. 

Helping to reunite you with your lost cat
We know how sad and distressing it can be if your cat goes missing. Our Lost & Found Officer is able to provide advice and guidance so that we can try and get your cat home safely.

Locating owners for cats that you find
Sometimes you may come across a cat that decides to make its home in your garden. A family might be missing their cat and we ask that you take the cat to a vets, if you are able to, to see if it has a microchip so that we can reunite it with its owner. If the cat is not microchipped, or you are not able to take it to the vets, our Lost & Found Officer is able to provide advice on how to find the cat’s owner. These cats could also be feral cats and in this case we will ensure the cat is neutered if we can’t locate an owner for it.

Neutering cats
The misery suffered by many cats when they are left un-neutered is a huge problem and one that we are determined to stamp out.  We will pay for neutering your cat. Please call us on 01483 721700 (mailbox 4) or email info@woking.cats.org.uk

Your financial support is vital to enable us to maintain our feline welfare work. We hold two fayres at Spring & Christmas and our extremely well attended and popular quiz night in February each year. We also attend the RSPCA Gala day every September. 

Take a look at some of the things you could do here.

Perhaps you could hold an event yourself for us with friends and family or work colleagues. There are lots of things you could do and if you let us know we will advertise on our Facebook and Website for you.

There is a set adoption fee for each of our cats but we are obviously very grateful for any extra donations.

Educating young people about good animal welfare is a key element of Cats Protection services. There is an extensive amount of information and downloadable leaflets available on the main website. We are unable, for the foreseeable future, to attend groups personally for talks. We will advise here as soon as we are able to take bookings again.

What else do we do?
Some of the things we do might not be quite so obvious but are extremely important, including:

  • Providing written or verbal advice on responsible feline welfare.
  • Trapping, blood testing and neutering feral cats
  • Under a strict criteria we may sometimes be able to assist with veterinary costs
  • Taming and socialising feral kittens that are not used to being handled

Things we routinely do if you choose one of our cats:

  • Blood test "at risk" cats coming into our care for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia
  • Administer flea and worming treatments
  • Neuter all cats of 4 months and over
  • Microchip all cats before they are adopted
  • Vaccinate all cats of 9 weeks or older against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia.

It can cost the branch well over £100 to put cats and kittens through the necessary health checks before they are ready to go to their new homes. Medical conditions found by the veterinary practices - we primarily use Lynton Veterinary Group - will be addressed before the cat is available for adoption. 

If you would like to download information on various aspects of Cat Care, including issues such as allergies, introducing cats to babies and feline behavioural problems, please visit the Cats Protection website.