Lost and Found

Here at your local Cats Protection Branch we hold a register of cats that are reported to us as lost or found, it is worth giving us a call on 01905 904058 to check if we have any information on your cat. You can also try the national Animal Search UK website who also have cats registered as missing from the Worcestershire area. 

Is your Cat missing?

If you are a cat owner, you will know how worrying it can be when your beloved pet goes missing.
Please have a read of this Lost Cat - advice leaflet which provides good advice on what steps to take to start to find your cat.

Finally.... The earlier you report your cat as missing, the more likely it is that he will be found. When your cat does return, DO inform any authorities who have been asked to look for him.

You can also consider having your cat micro-chipped, but make sure if you move address that you inform the micro-chip company of your new address.

Have you Found a Cat?

If you have found a cat please have a read of this Found Cat - advice leaflet.
You can also contact us at enquiries@worcester.cats.org.uk or telephone 01905 904058. However, please understand that we do not have the training or the legal powers to deal with cases of sickness, cruelty or neglect in owned animals. Emergency cases like this are dealt with by the RSPCA Inspectors who have the training and resources to deal with these situations.
In an Emergency situation such as cruelty, neglect or concern for an animals welfare you need to ring the RSPCA 24 hour Emergency Helpline on 0300 1234999