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Summer Fundraising Events

15 September 2017

We at Bolton and Radcliffe branch kicked off our fundraising events this Summer by hosting a stall at the Bolton Wanderers Boot Fair on Sunday the 28th May 2017. Thanks to items which were kindly donated by dedicated supporters, our lovely volunteers Tracey and Fran were able to raise £55, all of which went towards the feral cat’s food fund. If you have any household items, bric a brac, children’s toys or clothes which you would like to donate for similar events please do ...

Petition: Vehicles to stop if hit/run over a cat.

01 May 2017

It has recently come to my attention that more and more cats are being knocked down and being left for dead on the roadside. Within the last 6 month I have experienced 2 cats running out in front of my vehicle, luckily I was able to brake in time and not hit them. I have also whitnessed a cat being run over with my own eyes as I was driving down a country road late at night. The driver who hit this cat did not stop, however I did so, and ...

Make it illegal to run over a cat and not report it.

09 November 2016

Cats on roadsides are becoming a sight more often, they are just as much a man's best friend as dogs are. Dogs are protected by the Road Traffic Act. Drivers must stop and give their details to the pet's owner or report the incident within 24 hours. It's not a matter of making it an offence but it could give closure to the family, or time for emergency care should the cat need it. After being reported, cats should then be scanned so owners can be ...