Success Stories

Success Stories.

Ombre & Twinkle.
Sisters Ombre and Twinkle came into Cats Protection Carmarthenshire's care during January 2018. They were dependant on each other, and were grieving for the loss of their previous owner who had sadly passed away. To begin with they were shy and unsure of the pen but, luckily the volunteers who were looking after them gave them attention and patience which resulted in them starting to grow in confidence. These half Siamese, fully black cats waited for their forever home for approximately 3 months. However, the waiting paid off and they found their purrfect home! We have had plenty of updates on how the girls settled in and both have become quite the characters! Here's Twinkle all settled in!


Last year, Serena came into care as a stray cat but sadly was tested positive for FIV. This meant that she couldn't be rehomed with other cats that did not have the condition, and gave her less options on a forever home. However, luck was on her side as a home with no other animals did come along and her new owner looked past her FIV+ condition. Understanding the risks that came along with it, she went to her new home and has become best friends with her new owner. In the end it was a really good outcome for the unlucky tabby cat.