Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat, you could try the following websites:  
Top Tips:
If you have found a cat and can get it to any vet, ask them to scan it for a chip to try and find if the owner has micro-chipped the cat.  Vets will normally not charge for this but it's best to ring and ask them so you can take the cat at a convenient time.
Other ways to advertise a found/missing cat is to put posters up in your local area and veterinary practices, using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also check sheds, garages, neighbours houses, places where cats could hide as so many have been accidentally locked in. Posting posters through neighbours doors, leaving your contact details, let your microchip company know so that if they get contacted about your cat they know the situation. Go outside when its dark and quiet, shake some biscuits or treats calling him/her just in case they are close by.

You can also ask us to post your missing cat on our Facebook page.

To see cats that have been reported to us as found, please see the top left hand corner of this page: Lost & Found Register. Alternatively you can contact us via the website or our helpline to ask.