What we do

This branch was started in 2012. Currently, we are a small but growing team of volunteers who have a great teamworking spirit and encourage a hands on approach from all of our volunteers.

The extent of the problem is that there are so many unwanted cats and litters of kittens, in the large county area of Carmarthenshire. By only have a few number of volunteers and limited resources, we have a large task to help every cat and kitten. This is why we are desperately asking for volunteers and fosterers, so that we can tackle the growing waiting list of cats and kittens that need our help.

One issue that can be tackled, is neutering cats. At the moment there is a scheme called Pan Wales active in the Carmarthenshire area, whereby members of the public who are on low income, or claim benefits/tax credits can get their cats neutered and microchipped for only £5. There are a number of vets in Carmarthenshire participating on the scheme so we recommend checking with local vets to make sure. For members of the public who are out of our postcode area, Cats Protection can help by providing neutering vouchers (please refer to the national number 03000 12 12 12). 

The charity aims to help with homing cats as well as number of other issues such as trapping, neutering and returning feral cats.
We also help with raising awareness and can offer talks in the community/schools.  

The branch doesn't have a centre (the nearest is CP Bridgend Adoption Centre), so we have to rely on foster homes to take cats in until they can be rehomed.   

You can follow our progress and be kept up to date on our Facebook or Twitter page.