Golden Oldies

We hope that our older cats (12 years plus) do not get over looked, as they still have so much joy to bring to a new family. There are many benefits to owning an older feline, they already come with manners, are more calm, the days of them wandering will be in the past and the relationship between human and cat can be much stronger. If required, Cats Protection will help with medical costs for any conditions these older cats may have.

POPPY is a lively black cat who is confident and playful, with a healthy appetite. It is hard to believe she is 13years old. Poppy is used to getting out and about so needs a home well away from busy roads. She is affectionate but also likes to do her own thing when she wants to.

Poppy definitely doesn't like dogs one bit and we think given the choice she would be happiest as the only cat. She certainly wouldn't suit a multi cat household. She could be homed in a family with older children who would treat her with the respect she thinks she deserves!

Please phone Gill on 01749 850660 or complete the online application form to offer Poppy a loving home.