Missing cat checklist

If your cat is missing, then follow our checklist:

  • search and search again, cats can get themselves into small spaces, check everywhere from dark cupboards, to ontop of wardrobes and outside, in sheds and garages, look up in trees
  • ask neighbours and ask if you can check their sheds and garages. A timid, scared cat will be more likely to appear when they hear your voice
  • cats are generally more active at night, go out after dark when it is quieter and call out your cat's name
  • cats have a strong sense of smell, empty the contents of your vacuum cleaner outside to guide it back home
  • is your cat microchipped? Contact the company to register them as missing, Identibase on 01904 487600 or Petlog on 0870 606 6751
  • contact us at Glastonbury and Wells branch of Cats Protection on lostandfound@glastonbury.cats.org.uk or 07833 634087 to let us know so we can add your missing cat to our website and branch Facebook page
  • get in touch with animal rescue centres in the area
  • contact all local vet practices in the area
  • contact Search and Scan Somerset on 07870 990771
  • create posters with a photograph and description of your cat and put up around the area where you live
  • post details on your own Facebook page and local community Facebook groups