Neutering vouchers


Our latest neutering campaign is from February - March 2019. The charity will offer vouchers to help with the costs of neutering of cats whose owners are on a low income or income support benefits.

We have decided to repeat the special price that we offered at the last campaign. The owner pays £5 per cat and the charity will pay the balance and also microchip the cat for free.

This offer is open to residents in the Glastonbury, Wells, Street, Cheddar, and Shepton Mallet areas and with participating vets only. Owners of pedigree cats are not eligible for vouchers. 

Please contact one of the following volunteers to apply for your voucher(s).

Julia on 01749 677801
Astrid on 01458 851278
Janet on 01749 880545
Gill on 01749 850660

A NEUTERED CAT IS A HAPPY AND HEALTHY CAT so be a responsible cat owner and phone for your voucher right away.