PRODUCT RECALL: Pets at Home Voluntary Recall of AVA dry cat food

01 March 2017

Pets at Home have made a voluntary announcement that they’ve taken several types of their AVA dry cat food off the shelves: a few cats have fallen quite seriously ill because of a vitamin deficiency in this product."Dear AVA customer We are sorry to inform you that we are recalling these AVA products from our range of dry cat food. These products are :If you have any of these products at home please do not feed them to ...

Advice: Keeping your cat in at night

07 December 2016

Since 2014, there have been many reportings of cat killings in the London area, which have been thought to have been carried out by the same person, known as the Croydon cat killer. Very recently, an attack of a similar nature happened in Welwyn Garden City, and there have been reportings in other areas of the UK.To help keep your cat safe from harm, we recommend keeping your cat in at night. Another reason for this is that the risk of cats being injured or ...