Eight Precious Weeks

Eight Precious Weeks

We believe that every kitten has the right to #EightPreciousWeeks: the critical window of time where learning to eat, groom, toilet and play gives kittens their best start in life.

Read why: www.cats.org.uk/eight-weeks


Cookie was only four weeks old when he was taken from his mother and sold. His owners had trusted the online advert that said he was old enough to live without his mum.

Cookie’s new owner soon realised that the tiny kitten had serious eye problems and after being overwhelmed with costly vet fees, took the hard decision to relinquish him into the care of our Glasgow Adoption Centre.

When he arrived it was a matter of life and death. Cookie was also seriously undernourished and needed round-the-clock care to survive. Despite our vets’ best efforts, they couldn’t save his sight.

The team, many of whom were volunteers, did manage to nurse him back to health and find him his loving new home, once he’d learned essential cat skills. These social developmental milestones would have been learnt from his mother during his #EightPreciousWeeks.

We wish Cookie’s story was a one-off, but this growing problem is endangering many more kittens. Please consider making a donation to save the lives of kittens sold too soon, to make a donation please visit: www.cats.org.uk/eight-weeks/donate

When looking for a kitten online, it’s not always easy to spot if they’re too young to leave their mum. Could you spot a kitten who is too young to leave their mum? Take our quiz to help you learn what to look out for: www.cats.org.uk/eight-weeks/quiz