Feline Fortress Hide

Article written by Joe Prince

Somewhere in the deep depths of Cats Protection research centres there has been a stroke of genius, which has ultimately led to the development of the Feline Fortress, and cats everywhere have been meowing and nodding their heads with approval—as have we, save for the meowing part. They are a fantastic way for cats to feel safe when entering a new environment, and act as a sturdy, long-lasting and attractive way to give a cat the feeling of home that she or he needs.

Terry in his Fortress Hide

Here you see our lovely new tenant Terry, who has got some good use out of one of our Hides, which acts as the resting portion of the Fortress.

When he first came in he was not up for too much attention. Luckily for him the Hide (the part you see in the picture) provided him with that much needed privacy.

What’s good about this part of the fortress is that it has a good space for cats to hide if they feel scared or overwhelmed. Cats in care have been shown to have stress related problems that can be observed by their excessive grooming and aggression. Much research has been carried out and it has been found that if a cat has somewhere to retreat and hide these stress related problems are significantly reduced. The archways give a hole for the cats to observe their surroundings, whilst also allowing them to feel covered and protected. You can even put a heating pad underneath, as a cable hole is ready made in the back. Once a cat has become used to their new environment, they have a space on top to perch and look proud! With two stories and two archways built into them, they are also great for two cats.

But what’s great for us here at the Cats Protection is that they are easy to clean, move about and store. This is all because they are made of a smooth, durable material and are lightweight and strong.

Although we can provide some of our cats with this much needed product, we would ideally love to give all the cats that come in to the Adoption Centre a space to feel safe and covered. And this is where your support can really help. We have plenty more pens to fortify and our end goal is to have every pen supplied with a Hide.