The Cat Magazine

23 June 2016

Are you thinking about adopting another cat? Or wondering how your current cat would feel about living with another cat? If so then please see the article which has been published in the “The Cat magazine”. The article explains how to introduce cats to each other in small stages to try and ensure a positive outcome. We are also very pleased that one of our old cats (Willow) who was adopted from Wrexham Adoption Centre has also made it into the article. Please have a good read as it ...

2015 what a great year !

10 January 2016

Wrexham cat’s protection would like to thank all of our volunteer’s and supporters for all their hard work over 2015. We had large amounts of donations brought to the centre and also for our shop in town. We also had large amounts of cash and cheque donations through the post which we are so grateful for. We would like to share the news that you helped us help re home 266 cats in the centre. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support from all of you! So a great...

Cats Protection Christmas Homing

02 December 2015

We would just like to remind everyone, the centre temporarily suspends homing from the 20th of December and resumes on the 4th of January. Christmas is not a good time to settle a cat or kitten into a home, there are lots of comings and goings and excitement throughout this time and it would be difficult to settle a cat or kitten into that busy environment. Our cats and kittens will still be available for reserving throughout this period and can be homed from ...