Cleo, Olly & Mia

We've now adopted three kitties from you and wanted to let you know how we've been getting on! It started in Christmas 2012, when we fell in love with Cleo (above left), a beautiful mommy with five kittens. We had a very tense wait as CP were closed over Christmas, but in the New Year, following a successful home visit, we were given first refusal. There was no way we could say no to Cleo – she was and still is a beautiful, loving and friendly girl. When we met her she still had her five kittens and one particularly cute little black and white boy tried very hard to make friends with us, so we adopted him too, and named him Olly (centre). 

They both settled really well and it was lovely to see their personalities come out. Cleo absolutely loves fuss but is also a fabulous huntress – we've had lots of 'presents' including mice, voles, butterflies, and even a crow! Olly has grown into a typical boy – he's very laid back, likes to think he rules the neighbourhood and loves fuss when he thinks no one is looking! 

In January 2014, we decided we could give another kitty a home and found Holly. It was a difficult decision to have another because we didn't want our relationship with Cleo and Olly to be affected, but we definitely made the right choice, even though it didn't seem so at first! Olly accepted her after a couple of days but after two weeks, Cleo was still hissing any time Holly came near. One night, Holly was feeling brave and sat in front of a sleeping Cleo and instead of hissing, Cleo started washing her! It was such a relief and they've been the best of friends ever since. 

The girls stick together and put Olly in his place when he gets too big for his boots – they also take turns in washing him as he's not very good at it! Holly's had a change of name as Olly and Holly was too confusing, so she is now Mia (above right). 

We are very grateful to Cats Protection for Cleo, Olly and Mia, so we've attached some photos for you – we hope you like them! 

Felicity and Scott x