Pebbles was a feisty little madam who was with us several years ago. She was somewhat unpredictable and had a tendency to nip, so we kept her with us until the right home and owner came along. Three years later, we were delighted to receive this email from Jean about how Pebbles was getting on and how happy they are together.
Dear WCP,

I don't know if you remember Pebbles? I believe she was with you for a long time, as she had been very difficult to home. I'd recently lost my cat, and was looking for someone who needed me. I heard about the little "spikey cat" and went to see her. She came and had a look, hissed at me, and the rest is history. II thought "even if I never get to pick you up, at least you can come and live in my nice warm flat with me." I persevered and although I still have to watch how I approach her, she is the most loving cat you could ever wish to meet.

She has turned into a sweetheart with character and attitude, but I wouldn't have her any other way!! I've attached a few pics of Pebbles and her friend Cartman in the garden. Pebbs is the one with the white flash on her nose, and is slightly smaller and scruffier than Cartman. She also has more white on her front paws. He is very laid back, she is a little tyrant. You could say he's henpecked...They lie in the sun and work together as a team to exclude any cat they decide shouldn't come into the garden. Some are welcome, some are not. Who knows why? It is awesome to watch, they read each others' minds. 

So thank you for my little companion. She is beautiful, and I love her to bits. This year is the third anniversary of her coming to live with me. We are going to celebrate with some cod from the fish and chip shop, which she loves

Best wishes to you all,