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Join us to create your own personalised greetings cards!

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  • 13 Jul 2024
  • Craftalong from your home
  • £20 (a minimum of £10 goes to help cats)
  • £28 including add-on pack

Craft for Cats brings you a new craft! Welcome to the world of iris folding, a papercraft technique, and join us to make three gorgeous greeting cards.

Suitable for beginners plus more experienced card crafters who are looking to try iris folding for the first time, this kit makes a perfect gift for any cat lover.

You can even double up on materials if you wish with an add-on pack to make your craft kit go even further!

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What is iris folding?

Iris folding is a bit like painting by numbers but using folded paper strips instead of paint. Each kit contains easy-to-follow pattern guides and step-by-step instructions to design your cards.

Use the card colours suggested in the guide or pick card colours to match your own furry friend, past or present. You’ll find a variety of different classic cat card colours in each kit. 

About the live craftalong

You can join in with the live craftalong with Pretty In Paper By B on Facebook from 10am to midday on Saturday 13 July, or catch up later by watching a video recording.

Sign up for yourself or even gift a place to a special cat lover in your life and a kit will be delivered directly to their door. 

The cost to take part includes your craft kit, an invitation to join our Craft for Cats Facebook group, and access to the live craftalong hosted by Bethan from Pretty In Paper By B, as well as supporting us to make a better life for cats.

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About your craft kit

Your iris folding kit has been expertly designed by Pretty In Paper By B with our cat-loving crafters in mind! Create a likeness of your own cat, design a greeting for a friend or loved one, or share a message for a special occasion.

  • three white cat apertures (adult cat, cat profile, adult cat and kitten)
  • two square card blanks (buff brown, marine blue)
  • A5 card blank (mandarin orange)
  • three white envelopes (2 x 15cm square, 1 x C5 size)
  • 12 A5 sheets of coloured paper (2x swallow blue, 2x raven black, 2x white, 2x sparrow grey, 2x owl grey, 2x curlew cream, 2x lapwing brown, 2x nuthatch brown, 2x buttercup, 2x pumpkin, 2x fantail orange, 2x buttercup gold)
  • two A7 sheets of glitter card (silver, gold)
  • three sheets of textured paper (for inserts)
  • foam sticky pads
  • sheet of printed embellishments and greetings
  • three cat iris folding patterns
  • three pattern colour guides
  • iris folding instruction booklet

Add-on pack

Make your kit go even further! There's more than enough paper in the kit but why not double-up on cards, apertures, inserts and envelopes to make even more beautiful cat cards (kit plus add-on makes six cards). 

The add-on pack contains:

  • three white cat apertures (adult cat, cat profile, adult cat and kitten)
  • two square card blanks (buff brown, marine blue)
  • A5 card blank (mandarin orange)
  • three white envelopes (2 x 15cm square, 1 x C5 size)
  • three sheets of textured paper (for inserts)

You will also need some common crafting items like sticky tape, scissors, double-sided tape and a little Blu Tack (to fix the pattern to the worktop so it doesn’t move while you work).

Let's craft!

About Pretty In Paper By B

Your iris folding craftalong host, Bethan, is founder and director of Pretty In Paper By BSeveral years ago, Bethan faced a massive mental health challenge when she began to be affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME).

She went from being an active, energetic student and gymnast, to being largely bedridden and using a wheelchair. Forced to withdraw from her studies at university, she moved back home so her family could help support her.

During those times, when her whole sense of identity was called into question, paper craft became a way for her to play, create, rest and be restored. You can read more about this on her blog.

Pretty in Paper by B was born out of this personal struggle to flourish in adversity. Though her health has improved, Bethan still relies on the support of her family and friends, and Pretty in Paper by B is very definitely a family business!

How you will help cats

Just by signing up, you help make a better life for cats and kittens across the UK.

A minimum of £10 goes to help the cats at a local Cats Protection of your choice, or wherever the need is greatest.

Your £10 could…

  • feed two cats in Cats Protection care for 25 days
  • cover the cost of microchipping for four cats
  • pay for both a flea and worming treatment to treat and prevent parasites

Get in touch

Thank you so much for your support. If you have any questions, please contact Kayleigh in our Events team at or call 01825 741 960.

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