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Looking to learn more about cats, or the origin of cats? Find out more as part of our online learning modules

Cats Protection has a single, clear vision - a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Our online courses have been designed to give you an appreciation of where cats come from, how this relates to cat behaviour and how you can ensure your cat's needs are met. The house plan ensures your home is cat-friendly, while our Understanding Feline Origins course is ideal for those curious to know more about cat ancestry. 

Why do an online course?

  • courses are available any time and can be worked through in one go or in bite-sized chunks - whichever suits you best
  • our Understanding Feline Origins course is based on a course delivered to Cats Protection staff and volunteers and is ideally suited for adults and older children
  • these courses are free to everyone - just sign in!
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