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Looking to develop a partnership with Cats Protection? Find out more about what we can offer to a corporate partnership

We’re the experts

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity.

Our cause is relevant

There are over 11 million cats in the UK so our cause is one that many of your employees and customers will relate to and have empathy for.

Our extensive network and reach in the UK

We have over 250 volunteer-run branches, 36 centres and over 120 shops across the UK, so our brand has great visibility and reach. We’re therefore likely to be working in your local area and have a direct link with the community.

Strength of our brand

By partnering with us, you will achieve positive recognition in the animal welfare industry, as well as with the wider public, fostering positive brand association.

Experienced team

Our Corporate Partnerships team will be there to support you and help tailor a partnerships package to meet your needs and objectives. Whether you’re interested in a cause-related marketing campaign, Charity of the Year or just helping to spread our messages, we will guide you through the process. Our PR team will also support national partnerships.

Our publications and social media reach

We have a variety of communication tools which allow us to talk regularly with our extensive supporter base.

Your employees

Partnering with us could help employee engagement, staff retention, motivation and overall job satisfaction, as a partnership with the leading feline welfare charity would convey to your employees your corporate responsibility and charitable support.

New customers and increased sales

A corporate partnership with us could help increase your brand awareness among a vast cat loving audience and potentially provide you with new customers as we rehome and reunite over 43,000 cats a year.

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