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A team challenge to test your navigation and puzzle- solving skills

  • 20 Oct 2024
  • Black Rocks, Derbyshire
  • £45 registration per person
  • £50 sponsorship commitment

Gather your team and get ready for a day of adventure. Set at Black Rocks on the edge of the Peak District you will be handed a map and off you go.

Some locations will need proof of visiting, some will require you and your team to complete a task, others may involve something more physical such as abseiling, scrambling or a Tyrolean traverse.

Work as a team to complete as much as you can!

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This event will showcase your co-operative skills.

You will start the day with a map detailing various points you need to visit. At each point there will be something you need to do or collect to prove that you have been there. Be it take a photo, collect an item or complete a challenge such as an abseil, scrambling or Tyrolean traverse, there will multiple opportunities to come together and encourage each other to try something new. 

Throughout the event you will all put your skills and strengths to the test. A fantastic opportunity for teambuilding and to learn new things about each other. 

Guaranteed, this will be a day you talk about for years to come! 


The event will take place at Black Rocks just south of Matlock on the edge of the beautiful Peak District.

Fitness level:
The event will require you to be comfortable walking for a few hours across various terrains. Please ensure that you wear appropriate outdoor clothing.

Minimum age requirements:
The minimum age requirement for the event is 18.

Additional information:
Team sizes will consist of four, five or six4, 5 or 6 people. Please ensure that you provide your team name during registration and let us know if you are completing this challenge independently or on behalf of a business or organisation. 

How we support you throughout your journey

When you join Team Cats, you’ll get a first-class experience including:

  • dedicated and bespoke support and encouragement from our Events team, who will be there with you every step of the way, answering any questions you have and sharing their personal experiences of challenge events
  • a brilliant fundraising pack containing fundraising resources, guides, information, tips and ideas, and sponsorship forms
  • free branded t-shirt or vest to wear with pride on the day
  • practical fundraising support
  • motivation from a support crew of fellow cat lovers who believe in you and stand beside you as you hit your goals
  • stories about the cats you’re helping
How to sign up

You can get your charity place in five simple steps:

  1. Click the sign-up button to go to our registration form.
  2. Confirm if you’d like to support a local Cats Protection branch or one of our cat centres.
  3. Enter your contact details.
  4. Pay the registration fee via PayPal or secure online payment.
  5. You’ll receive an email welcoming you to the team, followed by some fundraising resources to get you started!
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