Foster homes needed

We are often in need of additional foster homes for both kittens and adult cats in the Ceredigion area.

Aberystwyth Cats Protection does not have a cattery or centre in which to house cats and kittens while they wait for their new homes, instead we have a dedicated team of volunteers caring for cats in their own homes.

Are you a cat-loving, caring and practical person who enjoys interacting with both cats and people? Fostering might just be for you!

Whilst fostering can be challenging and hard work at times, the rewards are priceless and nothing is more rewarding then seeing your cat go off to their loving new home and knowing that you have played a part in this.

All training, equipment and supplies needed to care for your cat will be provided by us, in return you will need to comply with our Cat Care standards and be responsible for keeping your cat happy and healthy whilst a new, permanent home is found.

More information about fostering for us can be found here:

If you think you have what is takes, please email


Below are testimonials from some of our own dedicated volunteers

"I combine fostering with a demanding job. It means the cat is alone during the working day, but they always seems happy so long as there is food and toys, and somewhere warm to snuggle - oh, and a window from which they can watch the world. Coming home to a foster cat is nice. It's a quiet, rewarding bit of the day, where it's just you and the cat being together"

" Some people say 'I couldn't foster, I'd want to keep them all' but it really isn't like that. You feel really proud that you've helped the cat through a difficult patch in its life, and as soon as you meet the new owners you just know the cat will be loved and happy, so it's not hard to part"  

"Sick cats and young kittens need really special one-to-one care. That's one of the amazing things that our fosterers do. Sometimes it's not veterinary treatment or hi-tech equipment that makes the difference it's just careful nursing, gentle coaxing and loads of love."

"I work long hours four days a week and am at home for the other three. I'm fairly new to fostering but have had great fun so far. All the kittens - 8 of them in groups of two or three each time - have been fun and quite different to each other. They all have their quirks but even the most spitty and hissy are little purring balls of love inside three weeks. I worried that I wouldn't want to hand them over to adopters, but so far I've been happy to see them go, so that I can have a new challenge with the next batch! They require routine, patience and love but pay you back in spades even in as little as a week. Try it..."

"I've been fostering for around fifteen years, despite working 40 hours a week, and find it very rewarding. Whether it's giving some long overdue TLC to an ill, old or neglected cat , providing a maternity suite for a pregnant puss, or helping to deal with the many feral kittens that tend turn up at this time of year it always makes me feel that I am making a difference to the feline population of Ceredigion. Having kittens to care for is my absolute favourite. All the delight and fun of watching them grow and learn to scamper! I do miss them when they go to their new homes, but I try to be glad for their sakes, and not selfish about it. One bonus is that I have made many new friends over the years by keeping in touch with people who have had cats from me"