Some facts on neutering

There are thousands of unwanted cats in the UK, please don’t add to that number!

Responsible owners have their cats neutered and micro-chipped once they are over four months old and weight at least 2kgs.

There are many benefits from neutering, both for the cat and for the owner: 

Neutered male cats 

  • Are less likely to wander
  • Are less likely to fight, therefore improving their chances of avoiding serious diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) both which are transmitted by cat bites and reproductive activity.
  • Are less likely to mark their territory with urine. 

Spayed female cats

  • Avoid unwanted pregnancies (regardless of what some people believe it is NOT beneficial for a female cat to have a litter before spaying).
  • Are less likely to contract diseases such as Cervical Cancer.
  • Won't ‘call’ during their sexual cycle. 

Neutering is a very simple operation for most cats, and they recover very quickly.  We recommend following your vet’s advice on how to look after your cat following the operation. 

How we can help with neutering 

Owned cats – free neutering

if you are on a low income – benefits, tax credits or state pension, we can help with the cost of neutering and micro-chipping your cat. Each month we have a limited number of free vouchers to give to people on a low income who live in our catchment area – Postcodes: RG2,5,6,7,10,12,40,41,42,45 and SL5 

If you qualify, upon request we will send you a voucher to cover the cost of neutering your cat(s) and if you wish micro-chipping as well. The voucher is redeemable at one of the local vets we work in partnership with. When you receive the voucher it is valid for approx. two-months, therefore please don’t request one until your cat is at least four months old and weighs over 2kgs 

Owned cats – subsidised neutering

If you are not on a low income and still find the cost of neutering a little beyond your means, we can provide a subsidised voucher to cover the cost of neutering and microchipping your cat at one of our partnership vets. These vouchers cost £5.00 for each male cat and £7.50 for each female cat. 

Feral cat colony neutering
If you have a colony of feral or stray cats in your area we can help with neutering (and welfare). Please contact us to discuss how we can assist. 

More details

To request a voucher, or for more information, please email or call 03453 714212. Phone lines are open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.