Found a Cat Advice

Advice if you find a Stray Cat:

If the found cat appears sick or injured please contact the RSPCA 24-hour helpline on 0300 1234 999.

Cats Protection has to establish if the cat is owned before it can be taken into care.  Just because the cat may be thin or begging for food doesn’t necessarily mean it is a stray.

Cats may appear to be lost when they are just exploring the neighbourhood and often live nearby.  The owners may be on holiday, they may be new to the area or there may be disruption at home with a new baby, another pet or building work.
The cat may appear never to leave your garden, but it is rarely the case.  Often they enjoy visiting - and being fed at – several households.

So it is essential to check if you really have found a lost or stray cat:

• Put up posters with cat’s details, date and area in which it was found, and a contact number.  If you wish, you can use our branch's helpline number 020 7118 0351 and email Please let us know if you use our contact details.

• Put a paper collar on the cat with your number, or that of Bromley Cats Protection 020 71180351, to enable the owner, or anyone feeding the cat, to get in touch. You can print collars off from this link: Alternatively, collars can be obtained by contacting Bromley Cats Protection.

• Email a copy of the poster/a photo of the cat to Bromley Cats Protection at with details of what other action you have taken to establish if there is an owner.

• List the cat as found online on lost and found website database Animal Search. You could also post the cat as found on Twitter and Facebook, and on the social media pages of local town groups, animal charities, organisations and vets. Our website has lists of Useful Websites and local Useful Contacts. 

• Take the cat to a vet to see if it is microchipped.  They do not charge for the service.  While there, ask the vet for the age and gender of the cat, and if the cat is neutered, as this will help the search for the owner.