Foster a Cat

Have you thought about becoming a cat fosterer?

If you might be interested please get in touch with the branch, we are always in need of fosterers to help the many cats needing help in the area.

Fosterers look after cats for a short while in their own home, either for a predetermined period of time or until adoption. You can take a break at any time, and holiday-cover is also available. 

Have cats of your own? No problem - if you have a spare room you can still be a fosterer and help the lives of cats less fortunate than your own. 

Costs such as food, litter, equipment and vets bills are all covered by the branch. There is plenty of support and advice on hand from other volunteers.

Out at work a lot of the time? You can combine working and fostering an adult cat with problem. The branch takes care to place cats to suit fosterers' lifestyles and preferences.

Cartoon cat