Financial Assistance with Neutering

Neuter Your Cat6 June 2020 update: We are now able to offer a limited neutering offer for more information go to:

If you would like more information or a voucher please contact us by emailing:,  or phone 01227 686919 or 07867 140618.

We are able to assist with the cost of having your cat neutered if:   
  • You are a full time student
  • You are in receipt of a pension
  • You are in receipt of a means-tested benefit
  • You are on a low wage
  • You genuinely cannot afford at the present moment in time to neuter your cat.
We are only able to consider helping those who live in our postcode area which is the CT1 to CT6 & ME13 areas of East Kent.  If you do not live in our catchment area then please contact you nearest local Cats Protection branch, where they should be able to assist you (log on to the website for list of branches).

We will always do our best to help whenever we can. Neutering vouchers are for £26 (female cat) or £20 (male cat). Vouchers are sent direct to the vets that you are taking your cat to be neutered, they are not sent direct to you, so please allow a few days for receipt in the post.

Vouchers have a two-week expiry date from the date of issue; we cannot issue them in advance, proof of neutering will be required. Vouchers that are not used for whatever reason drain our resources and mean that we are unable to help other people in getting their cats neutered so please use the vouchers responsibly. NB the voucher will not necessarily cover the full cost of neutering, and any remaining balance is your responsibility, and must be paid to the vet. For more about neutering vouchers or financial assistance please contact: Anne: 07867 140618 or email: or fill in our online form here

Cats Protection Neutering Guide