Help Us by Becoming and Indoor Fosterer

Most of the cats that come into our care are in desperate need - starving, neglected, abandoned, or injured. It is therefore important to give them as much comfort and security as possible. We therefore try to foster the really needy cat’s into a home environment, which is much less stressful than a spell in our pens. Indoor fostering is also not so expensive for the branch because we do not have to purchase a new foster pen.

So what does it take to be a fosterer?

Just a love of cats and the desire to help them. We will help with food, any necessary equipment (bedding, food, litter etc). We can purchase a indoor kitten collapsible kitten pen as well if needed and funds all veterinary treatment for the fostered animal.

Foster a Cat

If you are not sure whether you can look after a cat for the rest of it’s life please do not adopt one. Why not consider fostering? You could have one of any age for just a few days, from time to time, or for as long as it takes for us to find it a home. Alternatively, you could take on one of our senior residents. If you don’t have a garden, that is not a problem. You could consider some of our indoor cats or those with FIV.

If your children want a kitten but you know they might lose interest and/or you don’t know where you’ll be in a few months or a year? Why not offer to foster a mother cat and kittens? After 2 months we will have them all adopted for you. If you get attached to them, you can always adopt another family. All you need is an area of a room and some TLC. We can provide a pen and all the equipment if necessary.

We are always inundated with cats and desperately need more foster homes for them. We never put any animal to sleep even if it has been with us for years or needs ongoing medical treatment. This means that many of our foster homes are taken up with elderly cats or cats with FIV and other conditions.

If you live in our catchments area, are able to drive (although not absolutely necessary, there are trips to the vets every now again, and it helps so much if you can) and want to find out more then please get in touch. All we need is your love of cats (and kittens) time, compassion and enthusiasm.  We cover postcodes CT1 – 6 and ME13.

Updated Jan 2011