Kitten Socialiser

Kitten socialisationKittens sometimes come into our care who do not have a great start in life. They may have been born outside to a stray mother with little or no contact with people. There is a very short space of time where these kittens can be socialised to become domestic pets but this for us is usually under 8 weeks of age.  At this age with can start the kitten socialisation process for them to become successful domestic cats and great pets and companions. We want the kittens that come into our care to have the best chance of being socialised and need kitten socialising volunteers who are willing to follow a process to domesticate the cats. Please see the below video for an introduction to this important process.

What do you need to be a Kitten Socialiser?
Patience, common sense and time : Patience, common sense and time are invaluable. Some kittens are very wary at first with humans but if they are handled correctly will come around (especially if cooked chicken is involved as a form of persuasion!).

Kitten careYou will need one spare room. To be a kitten socialiser for us, you should have a spare room where all other pets can be excluded. This will become the kittens space / playroom / home. It need to be clear and safe of hazards and for the first few weeks kittens should be kept in a kitten pen. Kitten pens make it easier to interact with the kittens and are about the size of a large coffee table.  Cats Protection Canterbury and district will require all equipment and cover the cost of vet care.

We will help support and guide you through the process of kitten socialisation which needs to be done in slow and gentle stages. A large part of the process is building up confidence and getting the kittens used to domestic life, play and handling.  The video above provides you with more information.

Kitten socialising is a time intensive role and you will need to be able to be prepared to devote time to do this. This role may be difficult if you are in full time work.  We will support you in this challenging but ultimately rewarding role.  If you have the time and patience for this work please get in touch phone 01227 686191 or email:
For more information about kitten care read the guide at the link.