What we do

Cats Protection's vision is to ensure that every cat is given the chance of a life where it will be treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.


Cats Protection's three main objectives are:

  • To find good homes for cats in need
  • To support and encourage the neutering of cats
  • To improve people's understanding of cats and their care

Canterbury and District Cats Protection is just one of a huge network of nationwide branches of Cats Protection.
We cover the Herne Bay, Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham areas, under the postcodes of CT1 to CT6 and ME13. There are other branches that are adjacent to our catchment area, and wherever possible we work closely with them. 

We do not have one main centre, instead all our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers.

We will help and advice on dealing with feral cat colonies. Cats Protection has a “Trap, Neuter and Return” policy on feral cats.

We care for cats who need new homes, visiting prospective new owners and matching cats to suitable homes.

We also provide neutering vouchers for owners who are unable to finance the neutering of their cats.

We are able to give general cat welfare advice.

We are able to give advice should you need to rehome your cat.

Canterbury CP has a very proactive team of volunteers but there are never enough of us to keep pace with demand, so we ask for your patience. We have a team of fosterers who care of cats in their own homes until they are fully fit to find ahome of their own. We have several outdoor pens as well as indoor fosterers, but again we never have enough to deal with every cat case we are asked to help with. We network with other local branches.

We  raise funds tirelessly to keep pace with our huge vet bills!

All in all we try out utmost to do what we can for cats in need in our local area.

A few things to bear in mind. Cats Protection is a rehoming charity therefore we cannot help with Vet Bills for owned cats.  Every cat that comes into our cat will be up for rehoming, so we are not able to board cats that are not rehomable. We cannot deal with ferals without co-operation from the person contacting us. We cannot relocate ferals unless we have someone to relocate them to. We cannot always help every single person that rings us; sadly this is just a fact of rescue and we encourage responsible animal ownership.