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Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is helping Liz manage her allergy symptoms around her cat Milo

Liz Gillings, a 26-year-old Team Leader from West Sussex, has spent her whole life battling pet allergies.

“My family always had dogs and even though we loved them dearly I was always slightly allergic to them,” said Liz. “On top of being an asthma and hayfever sufferer I discovered I was prone to common allergies quite young. This caused me to adopt the recommended dust filters, anti-allergic bedding etc. just to have a restful night sleep during primary school.

brown tabby cat asleep on patterned quilt on back of sofaMilo having a snooze

“It was when I first went round a friend’s house for a sleepover as a child that my allergy for cats became apparent – that was a pretty ugly night!”
Despite suffering from swollen sinuses, blocked nose and ears, tightness of the throat, watery eyes and breathing difficulties, Liz still wanted a pet of her own when she left home, and five years ago Milo came into her life.

“My partner and I originally fostered him from a vets we have a relationship with, as they needed the pen space,” said Liz. “When no owner came forward, we decided to adopt him.

brown tabby cat lying in grey plastic cat hideMilo loves his cosy home

“I instantly did everything I could to ensure I stayed on top of medication and cleaned and hoovered regularly to try my best to make it work. I was very lucky and eventually my symptoms seemed to ease once we moved into a non-carpeted property, which is much friendlier to asthma sufferers. However, since then I am now in a carpeted property and even daily cleaning and medication did not allow me to stay on top of my allergy symptoms.

“Since living here with Milo my symptoms increased dramatically. I knew he was the source of the problems, however, I continued battling the symptoms daily. As soon as I saw Purina Pro Plan LiveClear it really was a last-ditch effort to try and make my current home liveable.”

Brown tabby cat sat next to back of Purina Pro Plan LiveClear cat foodMilo enjoys eating LiveClear

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is a revolutionary cat food designed to safely neutralise the major cat allergen called Fel d 1 which is produced in cats’ saliva. Eating the food helps reduce the amount of active allergen the cat can transfer to their fur through grooming, therefore reducing the amount that is released into the home.

“Since using LiveClear I have absolutely noticed a difference in my general symptoms and therefore my asthma triggers,” said Liz. “They come and go due to other triggers mainly, so my medication remains, but I can comfortably be close to Milo, let him into the bedroom and hold him without suffering issues I would have had a year ago.

“Grooming him is no longer an event where I must wear face masks or clothing that’s immediately washed. It has undoubtedly made me more comfortable around him and by extension increased how much enjoyment and love he gives me in return.”

brown tabby cat lying on bed with white bedsheets and fairy lights in the backgroundMilo and Liz have a strong bond 

Cats love LiveClear too, as it offers great-tasting nutrition, and the key allergen-reducing ingredient is simply digested by them like any other protein.

“I must admit I was apprehensive as Milo can be a fussy eater but there is no problem at all with LiveClear,” said Liz. “He is always waiting for his dinner and is a very healthy boy. Not only do I notice the benefits for myself, but his coat is in great condition too and he maintains a very healthy weight.

“Purina Pro Plan LiveClear has helped me have a better quality of life while in my home. It’s been great to no longer have concerns about Milo sharing our bed, as he absolutely loves joining us at night and waking us up in the mornings for a long fuss, and I’ve also been able to slack on the daily hoovering!”

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