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The world’s first cat-allergen reducing cat food has strengthened the bond between Steve and his two cats

Steve Killick, a 46-year-old engineering supervisor from Erith, has been allergic to cats since he was a child.

“Some affected me more than others,” said Steve. “My grandmother had a Siamese that I was extremely allergic to. We had cats at home too – just moggies but I wasn’t as allergic to them. Just slightly itchy eyes and itchy nose, occasional sneezing.”

two Bengal cats that are brown with dark brown spots lying on a backpack eachShaka (top) and Zulu (bottom) having a snooze

As Steve grew up and lived independently, he didn’t have cats at home, but when he was finally in the position where he could comfortably look after one, he began looking for a new feline friend. First, he found Shaka, and eight months later got Zulu.

“Having both cats made my symptoms worse so I was taking a daily antihistamine to combat the symptoms,” explained Steve. “The antihistamines worked very well at controlling the symptoms but they can have adverse effects with long-term use. I took antihistamines for six years before I heard about Purina Pro Plan LiveClear cat food.”

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is a revolutionary new cat food designed to safely neutralise the major cat allergen called Fel d 1 which is produced in cats’ saliva. Eating the food reduces the amount of active allergen the cat can transfer to their fur through grooming, therefore reducing the amount that is released into the home.

Bengal cat (brown with dark brown spots) sitting on a garden wallZulu surveying the garden 

“This cat food has been a godsend to be fair, it has changed my life,” said Steve. “ I feed the Pro Plan LiveClear as well as wet pouches. They both love the Pro Plan LiveClear as the bowl gets emptied all the time.

“I had unexpected side effects from coming off antihistamines after being on them for so long but that lasted a couple of weeks and now I don’t use antihistamines and I mostly don’t suffer allergies from the cats now. Once every three or four weeks I’ll get slightly itchy eyes but this passes in a couple of hours and I’m back to being allergy-free again for several more weeks.

“Being able to interact with both cats without fear of a reaction has definitely strengthened the bond between me and the cats and it works both ways. They interact with me more too.”

Picture of Purina Pro Plan LiveClear cat food with picture of tabby-and-white cat on itPurina Pro Plan LiveClear has been proven to reduce the active allergen on cat hair from the third week of daily feeding*. It is completely safe for your cat to eat as the key ingredient is simply digested by them like any other protein. The food also offers great-tasting nutrition.

Find advice about managing cat allergy symptoms with our cats and allergies guide.

*A 10-week controlled study of 105 cats showed an average reduction of 47% starting from the third week of daily feeding.

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