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Jane Clements explains the impact that neutering your cat can have on their behaviour.

Would you like to know more about neutering? Cats Protection’s Neutering Manager Jane Clements recently took to our Facebook page to answer questions on neutering and you can read some of the queries she answered below:

Do male cats still spray after they have been neutered?

Neutering can help to alleviate behaviours such as this; however, it isn't a guaranteed solution on its own. Speak to your vet about neutering and the behaviour he is showing in case there are other reasons for this.

white tabby cat lying on side

Neutered males are less likely to spray smelly urine; photo by Susan Dobbs


Why does my male cat mount my female cat?

My male cat was neutered at four months. He still tries to mount my female cat and any cuddly toys that are about. Why is he doing this?

It can take at least four weeks for the sperm to leave the system following neutering. If it’s been longer since neutering, take your cat to the vets for a health check, discussing the humping behaviour, as your vet may wish to check the penile spines have reduced or perform a blood test to check testosterone levels.

If the vet feels the problem is behavioural, then we would recommend getting a referral to a qualified behaviourist ( as there are a number of different underlying reasons that can cause this behaviour.


Is it morally right to deny a cat the joys of motherhood/fatherhood?

Mating behaviour in cats is purely a biological hormonal response. They aren't aware that this will lead to a litter of kittens from a female’s perspective and tom cats do not get involved with parenting the litter anyway. It is a myth that a cat should be allowed to have one litter.

However, cats do enjoy the freedom of being able to go outside and play – being neutered allows them to do this, giving them freedom from the biological need to mate and the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Read more in the neutering section of our website.

tabby cat meowing

Cats don't need 'just one litter' before being spayed; photo by Susan Dobbs


I’m having a male kitten neutered tomorrow, is it likely to change his behaviour much?

He is a very playful friendly chap usually.

It shouldn't change his playful character at all! Neutering will stop him from showing mating behaviours and roaming, making him happier to sit by the fire with you.


If you require neutering advice, our neutering pages answer some of the most common questions. If you would like to enquire about neutering vouchers, please call our neutering line on 03000 12 12 12 (option 2), Monday-Friday, 9.30am-1pm.

Please note that we are unable to give specific advice on your cat's health or any change in behaviour observed. For medical problems consult your vet who will have access to your cat’s medical history and will be able to examine them.

Would you like to ask one of Cats Protection’s feline experts a question about your cat? Don’t miss the next live Facebook Q&A sessions: Behaviourist Nicky Trevorrow will be chatting on 5 November; CP vet Vanessa Howie will answer veterinary questions on 18 November; and Neutering Manager Jane Clements will be back on 3 December. All our Q&As are held on Cats Protection's national Facebook page from 2-3pm. See you there!

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