Cat fostering

fostering For the past year I have been a volunteer cat fosterer. I have a purpose built pen in my garden.

Well life hasn't been the same since I started, it is so rewarding and I have never looked back. I love it and to date I have looked after 28 cats/kittens.  I never know what is coming next and my pen is very rarely empty. It is such a pleasure seeing a cat who was very nervous becoming more and more confident. 

My very first guest was a beautiful 9 year old Tortie named Rosie. What a sweet girl and I was soon in love. I would love to tell you about the other cats I have cared for but I think the article would be too long.

I am always being asked "how can you bear to part with them?” My answer is, "because I know they are going to a new home where they will be loved and there is always another cat waiting to be rescued.”

Part of being a fosterer is meeting people who visit and hopefully offer a home to the cat or cats in my care and then going with Barbara (fostering officer) to help settle them into their new home.

If you are thinking of becoming a fosterer, I would thoroughly recommend it. It is a very rewarding job and help is always at hand if needed.

There is one condition: YOU MUST BE A CRAZY CAT PERSON.  


To find out a bit more about cat fostering, please contact Jenny, branch coordinator, telephone 0345 371 2730 

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