What we do

All of our cats have been treated in excess of minimum veterinary standards, meaning that they have been examined by a veterinary surgeon, been fully vaccinated and treated against fleas and worms. Any sick cats and long term strays have been blood tested for FIV and FeLV. If the cat has not been neutered before admission and if over 6 month will be neutered whilst in our care.
Our adoption fee for cats and kittens is £60.
Check out our Success Stories on the left sidebar to find out about some of the cats we have successfully rehomed!
Home Visits:
Before you rehome one of our cats we will undertake a visit of your home. This is not as scary as it sounds and is our opportunity to assess your home and the surrounding area to ensure that they are suitable for a new cat. We will ask about what provision you have made for vet care, where in the house the cat will be fed and watered and whether they will be allowed out and if so where the nearest roads are.
Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.
It also helps reduce your household costs as caring for a mother cat and kittens is very expensive.
If you need to neuter your cat and cannot afford the cost, we can help. Phone Lorna on 01259 720405 to discuss.