Cat Care

Care leaflets

Care leaflets

To help you take care of puss, we have two sets of cat care leaflets aimed at improving people’s understanding of cats and their care.

Key cat care

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Some elements of cat care are so important, that we feel they deserve a section of their own.

Foreign travel and cats

Cats in a pen

Essential information regarding for foreign travel and bringing cats into the UK.

Toxoplasmosis - the facts

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Cats Protection receives hundreds of calls from pregnant women every year concerned about catching toxoplasmosis from their cat.

Find out the truth here!

E-Learning – adults and older children

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What do cats need? Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) is a free online course which will help you care for your cat’s basic needs by learning about its history and origins.

Cat care FAQs

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Cats Protection's Helpline is asked many cat care questions, thus to make it easier for you we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.