Golden oldies

Mature catWe always need homes for Golden Oldies (cats aged 12 or older) who so often get overlooked in preference for younger cats. Some have been waiting many months for a new chance in life.

We also have lots of cats aged 8-12 years old, who in many ways are even more difficult to home than Golden Oldies. These mature cats have lost their homes for a whole variety of reasons, but invariably through no fault of their own. All they want is a safe and loving home to call their own.

Cats are often most companionable in their later years and more appreciative of affection. Their personalities and idiosyncrasies are known and we can match you up with the right cat. If you are able to give a home to any older cat,  please telephone our Helpline  or use the Feedback Form For Golden Oldies, Croydon Cats Protection can help with the cost of vets bills for the remainder of the cat's life, if required. Any help you can offer to home or even to foster an older cat would be greatly appreciated.


If you cannot give a home to an older cat you might like to sponsor a Golden Oldie. Please see our  Sponsor Cat Scheme  for details of older cats who need sponsorship. Sponsors are sent a sponsorship certificate and then updates twice a year. This can also make an ideal gift for a cat lover.


Age discrimination in the work place is illegal but unfortunately that doesn't extend to cats! Please don’t discriminate. Please give a home to an older cat.