We sell a range of items for all your cats needs...

Here at the centre we sell a range of products for all your cats needs from toys, scratching posts and cat litter to bowls, catnip and feliway. Why not come and see us and the range of products we have on offer...We have a new Cats Protection range of goods for you to purchase for all your feline needs too. please email us your details on derby@cats.org.uk and we will call you or alternatively call us anyday between 9 and 4 on 01332824950 and press option 5.

blanket doughnut bedcat nip curioscardboard scratchercat nip micecat nip sackfeeding matgrooming archigloo bedlitter scooplitter traymetal bowlmultipack toysradiator hammock

Catnip cat curios £2.99
Grooming arch £6.99
Doughnut bed £16.99
Catnip bag £1.99
Fleece blanket £5.99
Litter tray £6.99
Catnip mice £3.49
Multipack balls £1.99
Metal bowl £2.50
Cardboard & carpet scratcher £7.99
Catnip sack £2.49
Feeding mat £1.49
Radiator hammock £9.99
Tunnel £7.99
Igloo bed £21.99