What we do

Derby and District Branch was formed in 1968 and held its inaugural meeting on 29th April of that year.
Branch cat welfare activities are 100% carried out by unpaid volunteers.
We care for rescued and unwanted cats and kittens in foster homes.
Donations of cat food and litter are always gratefully received.
ONLY on the advice of a veterinary surgeon are cats ever put to sleep. The disabled, the elderly, the sick, 'challenge' cats - ie cats not deemed to be 'lap' cats - ALL are found new, caring homes, where possible. 
The Branch believes there is a home for every cat.


The aims and objectives of the Branch are, and always will be:

- To help cats and kittens in need by providing food, shelter and veterinary care
- To operate an active neutering and spaying policy
- To offer help and advice to cat owners where possible


A Branch Committee, headed by the Branch Co-ordinator, determines the policies of the Branch and meets 6 times a year to consider financial matters, discuss welfare issues and transact business.


We operate a help line, known as the Cat-Line. This operates each day by voice-mail.  Messages are then retrieved by Volunteer Operators who deal with all enquiries, passing them on to the relevant Branch member.

The Cat-Line operates to provide members of the public with assistance on basic cat welfare problems, including information on, and help with, neutering. It also exists to deal with queries on homing cats.


Essential to the work of the Branch are our small band of fosterers; caring and dedicated volunteers who take into their homes the stray and unwanted cats and kittens rescued by the Branch.
All Branch cats are strictly segregated from the fosterer's own pet cats.

Apart from providing purpose-built cat pens and assistance with the provision of food and litter, the fosterers are unpaid. The tender loving care lavished on the often neglected and ill-treated cats produces happy, healthy pets for rehoming.

Without these committed people, the Branch would not function and the aims of the charity would never be achieved.

The fact that our foster homes are ALWAYS full shows how important they are to the Branch's work as well as giving a clear indication of the importance of neutering/spaying.


The Branch has a membership of approximately 300 members. Why not join Derby & District Branch as a member? It only costs £9.50 per year (seniors £7). You will receive a copy of THE DANDI, the Branch’s Newsletter every four months. Or you can join as a full member for £20 and also receive a copy of THE CAT, the charity’s glossy mag. Click here to download a form.

The annual membership fee entitles the member to receive three copies of THE DANDI, the Branch's Newsletter which keeps members up to date with what is happening locally.


The Branch is a self-funding, voluntary, registered charity operating within the rules and bye-laws as laid down by the Cats Protection National body based in Haywards Heath.

As a Branch, our Headquarters require us to be self-sufficient and raise our own funds. We are not part of the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Dalbury Lees which is wholly administered and funded by our Headquarters at Haywards Heath.  However, when the cats in our care are well enough to be rehomed, they are passed to the HQ Adoption Centre to await their new homes – only if they have the space.  We do not have priority.

All cat welfare work, neutering schemes etc are paid for entirely by the voluntary contributions of our members and the people of Derby and the surrounding district.  


The Branch participates in the East Midlands Neutering campaign and can offer substantial financial help towards the cost of neutering/spaying for anyone in receipt of state/Council benefits. 


It is vital that we encourage people to neuter and spay their pets in order to reduce the vast numbers of unwanted cats and kittens in the Derby and district area.
Please note - the shop cannot issue neutering vouchers.


The Branch has a charity shop at 31 Wardwick, Derby,  the income from which forms the cornerstone of the branch activities. 

Donations of quality used clothing, bric-a-brac etc are always welcome.


The Branch intends to continue to expand and maintain its status as a caring and concerned charity with an excellent record of achievement.

You can help us achieve our aims by either becoming a member and/or becoming an active welfare volunteer

We are also dependent on legacies from those who remember the Branch in their Wills. For details please visit our website www.derbydistrict.cats.org.uk, ring our Cat-Line on Derby 206956 or email enquiries@derbybranch.cats.org.uk

You may simply wish to make a donation to the Branch. This can be done by cheque made payable to: Cats Protection Derby & District Branch, addressed to: The Branch Treasurer, c/o The Charity Shop, 31 Wardwick, Derby DE1 1HA.


Lastly, we have a Facebook page, so if you like cats, you’ll like this, so please ‘like’ us on: Click here to visit our page