What we do

A Day In The Life Of A Cat Care Assistant.

Members of the public sometimes ask us "Why is the Adoption Centre only open between 11am & 3pm? What do you all do during the rest of the day?"  The answer is - lots of hard work! Here's an insight into the behind the scenes work that helps keep the centre running smoothly.

8am - 11am
The cattery staff arrive & it's straight to work, checking that all the "guests" have been fine overnight. One of the cat care assistants is allocated to take to the vets, any cats due in that day.  Next job is feeding all those hungry mouths, then cleaning out every pen - with up to 200 cats & kittens in the centre, that's a lot of dirty litter trays & food bowls!  As you can imagine, this keeps everyone busy for a few hours. The cat care assistants are also responsible for giving medication to the cats in their care - no matter how reluctant the patient!

11am - 1pm
The centre is now open to the public & one of the cat care assistants’ most important roles is interviewing potential new adopters to make sure they have chosen the right cat/kitten for them and their circumstances. Everyone who visits the centre is asked to fill in a Home Finder questionnaire before visiting the cats - this helps the cat care assistants guide prospective owners to the most suitable cat for them.  The cat care assistants are a mine of information about cat care, so if you have any questions they'll be happy to help.

1pm - 3pm
After a quick lunch it's time to make sure the cats' flea and worm treatments are up to date, weigh-ins are done, long haired cats are groomed & all cats have time spent with them to make sure domesticity is maintained. When resources allow we also do 'Feral' work, where we go out to Trap, Neuter & Return wild cats to reduce out of control populations. The cats that have had treatment that day then need collecting from our vets, London Road Veterinary Centre, in King's Lynn.

3pm - 5pm
It's back to the adoption centre now, first job being to settle in cats returning from the vets & pass on treatment details to the other cat care assistants, who have remained at the centre to feed, groom & medicate the cats.  Next is a visit to the office to update staff on the outcome of the afternoon’s off site work.  Then it's feeding time once again & a last check to ensure everyone is comfortable for the night.


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