Our Adoption Fee

 Our adoption fee is £70.  If you wish to adopt two or more cats from us we ask for an additional £30 per cat - if you are looking to adopt a kitten and are regularly out of the house for long periods so cat is going to be left alone - we recommend you adopt a pair of kittens as company for each other .

The adoption fee includes the cost of the carrier the cat will be delivered to you in. 
Our adoption fee goes a small way to cover some of the costs involved in looking after your cat and preparing him or her for homing.  Your cat will have been checked by our vets, have received treatment for fleas and worms, and if old enough, been neutered, had at least the first vaccine and be microchipped before leaving our care.  Each cat in our care costs us an average of £200

We welcome any donations on top of the adoption fee as it will help us to look after more cats.  If you would like to donate on a regular basis you can join our Cat Pen Sponsorship Scheme and receive regular newsletters about the cats that have been in our pens.

Further information on why we charge an adoption fee can be found here.