Fundraisers Needed!

There are more unwanted cats in Northumberland than ever and we could be doing so much more!  Our helpline volunteer, bless her, gets upsetting calls every day from people wanting to give up their cats.  However, we can't increase the amount of work we do without raising more money to pay for vets bills, food, litter, worming and flea treatments, and cleaning stuff.  Think about how much your household bills have increased (as they have for us),  then think about the number of unwanted cats that are out there now when people are finding themselves in financial trouble, and you get somewhere near to seeing what we are up against. 

If you have ideas for raising money or would like to help our existing team (even if you can only spare an hour a week), please, please give us a call on 07749 713142 or email  Or if you can't help, think about clicking the support us tab at the top of the page and make a donation or sign up to one of our
'donate as you shop' schemes. Or request a fundraising pack if you would like to do some independent fundraising for us, don't forget to let them know you would like the money raised to come to East Northumberland Branch.
Whatever you can do will be much appreciated.