Big Ted's big break

In the catterySOMETIMES it seems like a cat will never find a home. Stocky was a large black cat who had been surviving outside on a shabby estate, stealing food and being picked on by local cats and dogs. He came into the cattery and was able to enjoy shelter and regular meals. But he hated being in a pen and was hostile and upset (see photo left). As several weeks passed, he made little or no progress despite the best efforts of helpers at our shelter.
We put an appeal on our Facebook page which was seen by Jay, of Erith, who had previously homed two cats from us and had other rescue cats. She fell for him and got in touch straight away to offer him a home.
With Jay in his new homeOur cattery manager Jan said: 'For every cat there is someone. We began to think Stocky would never find a mum. But Jay felt she could give him the home and love he deserves after living as a stray in Mottingham most of his adult life.'
So Stocky went to Jay and she later told our Facebook supporters how he was getting on. 'Thanks for all your kind comments. I've renamed him Big Ted. He still seems depressed but I managed to hand feed him chicken this evening and he thwacked a catnip mouse across the floor. I'm sure in time he'll be fine.'
Later Jay sent us a photo of her enjoying a cuddle with Big Ted (see left) and wrote: 'He's settling in well. Has met his five brothers and one sister and all is OK.
'He's developing into a lovely, affectionate and placid lad. Just wish he wouldn't play with his cat nip mouse with bells on at 3am when I need to sleep...' When it was time to let him go outside, Big Ted went off for a few days. But then he must have remembered he had a proper home and returned. He has been one of our best success stories - his prospects had seemed so bleak but now he is very happy in a loving home.