Turnaround for Tiggs

WHEN she came in, Tiggs was a hostile and scared ball of fluff. Her owner had been evicted and passed on her pet to her mother, who had two big dogs. She kept Tiggs shut in a bathroom with the dogs outside, trying to get in. No wonder Tiggs was petrified and unhappy. The seven-month-old was also in poor physical condition, covered in scabs and flea eczema, and had not been vaccinated or spayed.
All in all, she badly needed us to get over her ordeal. Tiggs started to show her true nature after only a few days with the TLC of our fosterer Anne and her helpers. Within a couple of weeks, Tiggs was totally transformed into a lively and affectionate girl eager for a fuss and cuddle. After a short spell on our website, she was picked by a couple and their 11-year-old daughter. They were over the moon with her and she's loving it in her great new home. So from hisses to purrs, that's how Tiggs landed on her paws...

Pictured: Tiggs in her pen at our fosterer Anne's before going off to her new home
Tiggs soon turned back into a loving catComfy in her bed at our fosterer's