Topsey's tale

AN elderly lady did the right thing when a pregnant cat appeared in her garden - she called a well-known national animal charity. Unhappily, no action was taken so eventually she turned to us for help. But, by this time, five kittens had been born and living outside for several weeks.
TopseyThe mum (left), named Topsey, was friendly but her little ones had not been handled. They were so terrified when they came into the cattery that they literally climbed the walls trying to get away (right).The scared kittens climbing wire walls at shelter
After a spell, they settled down but, in the meantime, one had sadly died of illness. Luckily, two were offered homes by lovely families in Lee and Blackheath ready to give them plenty of TLC.
Jan was sent a wonderful photo (below right) of one cuddling up with one of the children, a world away from the frightened kitten who came to us.
Topsey has also been adopted, after being One of kittens relaxing with new young ownerspayed, leaving two shy little ones. One was homed with an older kitten from another litter after two branches of the same family came from Edenbridge, Kent, and London to meet at Jan's house for a viewing.
The last one, after TLC from a fosterer, turned into a lovely kitten (below left) who adored sitting on a lap for a cuddle and purr.
EstherJohn and Gail came to visit and she was soon on the way to a new life in Hither Green.
They bought everything a little cat could need and were ready with lots of spoiling to make up for her poor start in life. She was also given a new name - Esther.
John told us: 'She's becoming more confident and is prepared to come up to us and be picked up when in the right mood. Right now, I'm having to work hard to keep her off the keyboard as I type this! Thanks for introducing us.'
So Topsey and her family have embarked on new lives in caring homes, showing there's always hope for cats and kittens, even after the worst possible start.