Success Story Stories

We had been talking about whether to adopt a rescue cat or get a kitten for a while when we decided to go along to the recent rehoming day at Little Downham Village Hall, just to look and ask a few questions.

When we met Daphne we were struck by how friendly she seemed, rubbing her cheeks in our hands as we said hello - from that point on we knew she was the cat for us. On the day she arrived she was straight out of the cat carrier and exploring the whole house. By the first evening she was even curled up on our laps watching tv. It took her awhile to play as she was a bit poorly with a minor problem when we got her but by the second week playtime had become one of the highlights of both our days.


Despite being 11 years old and an older cat, she can be very quick to pounce on her toys and loves nothing more than a good cheek or chin tickle.  When it comes to bedtime she curls up in her bed in the corner of our room with her mousey with no fuss at all.


Just 2 weeks in and she is already one of the family and we cannot imagine it any other way now.