Success Stories

It is always heartwarming to hear how well the cats that have been in our care are doing in their new homes; for some, the transformation from sad waif to pampered puss is truly startling. Here are just a few of our success stories.



Olive came to CP with her brothers and sisters, they were found with their mum alone and unwanted.   We have had a lovely update from her new family showing how she has become a big part of their lives over the past year, and now has a new friend Walnut just move in.   



Laia was found as a stray in really poor condition. Her coat was so matted that she had to be shaved. She was underweight and had a serious flea/worm burden. Despite all of this, she was a happy, purring little cat and fortunately had no long-term health problems.

She has now found her forever home and is totally relaxed and contented.

She loves being groomed and now has a beautiful coat.

Longhaired grey and white female

You may remember Mattie from the homing section of our 2016 show. Her new owner Rachel has sent us the following update.

"A grey long haired cat was found as a stray in Haddenham at the beginning of this year and the Ely & District Cats Protection Branch were called. She was very thin and her fur was so matted they thought her back legs were tied together. A trip to the vets shaved her fur, microchipped her and vaccinated this little ball of fluff. The volunteers called her Mattie due to the condition of her fur. After a period of time with her Foster Mum Alex – I was lucky enough to spot her at one of the Branch’s events where she was moaning away in her cage hoping to be adopted.When we adopted her we changed her name to Maddie as Aunty Sue thought Mattie was a boy’s name! She is now a lot fatter, furrier and has nice sharp teeth and claws. As an older cat she is very happy indoors in our flat and sleeps all day and all night. When she is not sleeping or eating, she loves to sit on our laps and is very happy to be brushed. We love her dearly and would not be without her."

Before: When Maddie came to us she was very thin, with fur so matted that it had to be shaved.

Maddie at the Little Downham Cat Show 2016.

After: Maddie enjoying her new life

Mr Boots
Shorthaired tabby male neuter
Mr Boots was rehomed through our branch in September 2007. Recently we received this follow-up e-mail from his delighted family:
"Since Mr Boots arrived in our home some 12 months ago, he has become a big part of family life. As soon as the children arrive home, the first person they look for is Mr Boots. He always gets picked up and given a big hug, even if he doesn't want one!

"He brings us numerous presents, things that only a cat could bring, yes you guessed it, mice, rabbits, birds, rats and a wood pigeon but has started to understand that we really don't want them in our house!

"Mr Boots has become a special part of our life and we love having him around. Thank you for helping us find a truly perfect cat."

Shorthaired blue female neuter
Pearl is a former feral who was found in a poor condition, living rough at 18 months of age with her two litters of kittens. She was rehomed in June 2005 and lives a life of feline luxury with her best friend Toby, another cat homed from Ely CP.
Pearl has also found success on the show bench, winning three shows and attaining the TICA title of Supreme Grand Master.